Aquila WOL includes a search tool to aid in configuring the software.  Click on Tools -> Search for machines.

Use of the search tool is optional, but it can help you find addresses easily in large networks. It is primarily designed to work with Windows hosts. Non-windows hosts may display as “Unknown” for the operating system, but you should still be able to find the information you need for WOL.

To use the tool, enter a starting and ending IP address and click “Begin Search”. The software will attempt to find hosts, and if possible determine their MAC addresses. After it has finished sniffing the network, check the check-boxes on hosts you are interested in and click OK to add them to your database.

Double-clicking a line will bring up an information box about the host.

The information box tries to determine if WOL is enabled, but this feature is only supported on Windows clients, and only if your account has authority to scan the computer.