AquilaWOL Library (DLL)

Use the same library AquilaWOL uses in your own custom applications.  Just unzip the DLL and optional symbol files into your project.


/* send a WakeUp packet to host computer */
/* shutdown computer "itchy"
WOL.AquilaWolLibrary.Shutdown("itchy", AquilaWolLibrary.ShutdownFlags.Shutdown);

ShutdownFlags enum consists of the following options:

  • Logoff
  • ForcedLogoff
  • Shutdown
  • ForcedShutdown
  • Reboot
  • ForcedReboot
  • PowerOff
  • ForcedPoweroff
  • Sleep
  • Hibernate

WakeUp options:

public static void WakeUp(string mac,
	[string network = ""],
	[int udpPort = 9],
	[int ttl = 128],
	[string adapter = ""])

Send a WOL packet to a remote computer

mac: The MAC address to wake up
network: The network broadcast address (optional)
udpPort: WOL UDP Port (optional)
ttl: WOL Time To Live (optional)

Shutdown options:

public static void Shutdown(string host,
	WOL.AquilaWolLibrary.ShutdownFlags flags,
	[string userid = ""],
	[string password = ""],
	[string domain = ""])

host: The name or IP of the host
flags: See "ShutdownFlags"
userid: The optional userid to use for the shutdown connection
password: The password, only used with userid.
domain: The domain, only used with userid.

The library will throw an exception if the function all fails.

Copyright WakeOnLAN by AquilaTech LLC
Annapolis, MD USA