Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use WOL at my business? Do I have to buy a license?
A: Aquila WOL is licensed under GPLv3. It is free software. By freedom we mean:

  • the freedom to use the software for any purpose
  • the freedom to change the software to suit your needs
  • the freedom to share the software with your friends and neighbors
  • the freedom to share the changes you make

Q: Can I use WOL with a DHCP configured network?
A: Yes. Just leave the IP Address blank. WOL will figure it out at runtime using the netbios name.

Q: Where is the data stored for WOL? How can I back it up?
A: By default, the data is at C:\ProgramData\Aquila Technology\WakeOnLan\machines.xml
Yes, you can edit it, back it up, or go into Options and change the location of the xml file.

Q: Can I wake up hosts on other subnets?
A: Yes. Use the “Broadcast” field to specify the broadcast address to use. If you have trouble with this, click the “Calculate” button to open a helper window. It will compute the broadcast subnet for you, based on the IP Address and host subnet.

Q: How do I shutdown a computer running Linux?
A: You can specify a command in the “shutdown command line” to shutdown a Linux computer. Use a command line utility like plink.exe to send a reboot or poweroff command. If “shutdown command line” is used, it overrides the standard shutdown/sleep/hibernate Windows API calls that WOL would normally use.

plink.exe -ssh -pw myPassword [email protected] /sbin/poweroff

Q: Can I wake up hosts accross the Internet?
A: Yes. Select the option “send WOL to URI” if using a URI, or “Broadcast IP” if using a static IP address.

The Host URI or Broadcast IP must be set to the inbound router/firewall where the target host is located.  You will want to set the UDP Port and TTL appropriately.

At the inbound router/firewall, create an inbound NAT rule that listens on the IP address specified.  The rule should accept the UDP Port traffic and forward it to a broadcast address on your inside network, for example  Not all routers can be configured to do this.  We have a free tool called WOLAgent to help when your firewall won’t route the packets.

If you are successful, then you can send a WOL packet to the target router.  The router will forward the traffic to the inside network broadcast address.  The WOL Listener will be valuable to aid in troubleshooting.

Q: Can I have WOL automatically startup every time I log in?
A: Yes, just click the “AutoStart with Windows” option.

Q: Can I put WakeOnLAN into the task-tray?
A: Yes, click Minimize to task tray. When the program is minimized, the task tray icon will popup when hosts come online or go offline. In addition, you can right-click the task tray icon and perform functions such as turning on a host.

Q: Can multiple users use WOL at the same time?
A: Yes, see the page on multiuser settings.

Q: How do I create a desktop shortcut to wake up a computer?
A: Just create a shortcut and put the WOL command line in the target. For example, I wake up “Itchy” with this command:

"C:\Program Files\Aquila Technology\WakeOnLAN\WakeOnLanC.exe" -w -m itchy

Q: Who is BasilDane?
A: In addition to official food taster, she is responsible for keeping the squirrels and deer from harassing our software developers.

Basil the Great Dane
Skye, security officer
Luke the Doberman, security officer
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