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Wake On LAN / Shutdown software for Windows. A powerful WOL, ping, shutdown, GUI application.


WOL Agent is a component that can be used with WOL to help with receiving wakeup messages over the Internet.


Online documentation.


 Include WakeUp and Shutdown functionality in your own application with the WOL DLL.


WakeOnLAN features include:

  • Wake Up remote machines
  • Shutdown, Sleep and Hibernate options for Windows machines
  • Schedule wake ups, shutdowns
  • Network interface for WOL packets is configurable
  • Command line and GUI interfaces
  • Shutdown Linux machines using script
  • Minimize to task tray
  • Ability to auto-start with Windows
  • Troubleshooting tool displays incoming WOL packets
  • Supports complex network environments with subnet directed broadcasts
  • Includes tools to scan network for hosts, ip and MAC addresses
  • Search tool attempts to determine if WOL is enabled on scanned Windows computers
  • Avoids power spikes by staggering wake-up events
  • Send email notifications using the built-in scheduling system
  • Can be used in static or DHCP addressing networks
  • System-tray notifications and balloon tips
  • Sound notifications when hosts change state
  • Automatic check for latest version
  • Supports Wake-Up over the Internet using WOLAgent
  • Event Log shows a history of wake-ups, shutdowns, and exceptions


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Recommendations and Awards

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Wake on LAN - Main window


WakeOnLan performs the following tasks

  • WakeUp a remote computer that is powered off
  • Shutdown a remote computer
  • Ping the selected remote computer, to display it's status
  • Perform an emergency shutdown of ALL defined computers at once
  • Connect to the remote server via Remote Desktop
  • Listen for WOL packets (to aid in troubleshooting)

Available Languages

AquilaWOL has been translated by native speakers into the following languages:

  •   English (USA)
  •   Brasil (Português) - Brazil
  •   Deutschland (Deutsch) - Germany
  •   Nederland (Nederlands) - Netherlands
  •   France (Français) - France
  •   Español (España) - Spain
  •   Россия (Pусский) - Russia
  •   Suomi (Suomi) - Finland
  •   Magyarország (Magyar) - Hungarian
  •   România (Română) - Romania
  •   中国(台湾)- Taiwan Chinese
  •   العربية (الأردن) - Arabic (Jordan)


Main Window - tiles

Main Window

Main Window - details

Main Window

Properties - General

host properties

Properties - WakeUp

host properties

Properties- Status

host properties

Properties - Status

host properties

Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler - trigger example

Search Helper


Packet Listener

Event Log

About Box

Development on Aquila WOL

AquilaWOL is written in C# and VB using MicroSoft Visual Studio 2015
We proudly use Jetbrain's ReSharper
Our sourcecode management system is GitLab